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The ‘inter’ range of leagues and tournaments, which include Intersportz Events, Soccer, Socia Soccer,Socia Hockey and Socia Poker, are events operated and managed by ‘Give N Go Ltd’, a Limited Liability Company set up specifically to manage and run these events in an efficient and accountable manner. 

Established by Emmet Switzer and the team at Déantús Projects Ltd and Déantús Media Ltd, the prime aim of the company is to produce as much charity or club funding, promote small sided sports in Ireland and to build new, or improve existing sporting factilities, through standard events that people carry out every week such as soccer,hockey,  poker and more that will be introduced over time. We take most of the profit produced through these clients/users and channel it toclubs and charities rather than into commercial ventures of others.

Give N Go is a ‘Not For Profit’ company with its main aim in providing events for charities, and fundraisers that allow them to produce much needed funds for their ventures without getting sucked into to time consuming management of the operations, but on top of this, our aim is to create employment in this ethical new venture.

We do also operate commercial leagues and competitions in order to stay commercially viable.

We are always looking for new partners, new ideas and are more than happy to meet with people to discus what we are planning for the future.