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Wheelchair Accessible Toilet (Fair Play Cafe)

RICC (Ringsend and Irishtown Community Centre) Summer Project

St Pats CY FC

Irishtown FC (Over 35s)

Sandymount Matero Friendship Programme

RDRD Graduation Ceremony (Ringsend & District Response to Drugs)

St Patricks School Breakfast Club

St Patrick's Rowing Club

Blue Magic FC UEFA Futsal Cup Finals

Sonas (Centre for Victims of Domestic Violence)

Harding IFFC Senior Football Team

St Annes Clontarf

IFFC Over 35s

CYMS Capital Development Project

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Local Area AEDs

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Socia Soccer International

TempBox001 - SMall
The 'Leagues in a Box' project is initiatve by and Give N Go Ltd to expand out the current Socia Sports league internationally.   In conjunction with UEM Real Madrid, our own leagues and some great partners, we are going to develop an on line system to easily set up and manage sports leagues under our rules, and with aims to issue between 20 and 25 percent to local area projects.   The project will also set up a collection of management manuals and training courses.
The cost of this will be over €50,000 to produce all of this, and it will take 2 years to complete, although the main bulk of the work can be complete within 6 months and for a cost of €25,000, which is the software and on site management system.
The current club has raised nearly €500,000 for charity over 9 years.  Imagine what we can do with 10 of these clubs, or 5 clubs in 10 countries!!!!  Well this is teh chance to do it.

Peter McVerry trust was established in 1983 by Fr Peter McVerry to tackle homelessness, drug misuse and social disadvantage. Since then it has supported thousands of young people on the margins of Irish society. It is committed to the principles of a Housing First approach.
Slatterys and set out to raise €10,000 for this great charity through events up in Beggars Bush, and over teh Christmas raised thousands.   We trust that we can reach this by August.   Should you want to help us top this up, please do so by donating on this page.


The YBIG fund was set up in 2009 by YBIG (You Boys In Green) the number 1 supporter group for the Irish team, to raise funds through the fans for worthy causes.   The current charities selected are HCI (Heart Children Ireland) and APT (Aoibheanns Pink Tie), two charities dealing with serious medical conditions in children.   Damien Duff is the ambassador for HCI, and also an annual soccer tournament run to raise funds for these charities.   For more information, please contact them at


Construction of a wheelchair accessible toilet at the Fair Play Cafe. We have never had such a facility available to us here despite being able to develop the entire premises in a significantly wheelchair friendly way with regard to ramps, door widths etc. Wheelchair users will initially greet our premises with much gratitude until the subject of toilet facilities arises and then we find ourselves in a predictably difficult and embarrassing situation.

Input: 15th May 2015
Status: Under review
Closing Date: 14th May 2016

Project details to be provided.
[Funding required towards 10 day Summer Project helping local families]

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St Patrick’s CYFC if a local Ringsend team that plays in Ringsend Park.  They currently have have two senior teams competing in the Leinster Senior League.  Their 1st team competes in the top Sunday Senior Division while our 2nd team in the Saturday Major Division with their long term plan to develop young players to the senior ranks. They are a well-run, highly respected club in Intermediate and junior soccer they have high ambitions.  Their achievements include winning the F.A.I Junior Cup twice, the Leinster Junior Cup and every domestic honour open to them, and Three seasons ago they reached the Final of the Leinster Senior Cup, one of the most prestigious Cups in Ireland, last year St Patrick’s CYFC qualified for the 1st round of the FAI Senior Cup for the 3rd year running a great achievement for a local club they are the first club in the area to play Senior Division Leinster Senior League Intermediate Football.  Most of their players are in the 17 to 30 age group from around the Ringsend/Irishtown area.

The costs of providing such a significant and professional club are massive, with pitch costs and insurance alone costing in excess of €10,000, but you cant put a price on their achievements and effects on the community.  We are therefore aiming to raise €5,000 for them for this season.

The Ringsend/Irishtown area has undergone a massive regeneration work in the past few years and the club’s aim is to be at the forefront of this plan. The players and the club are currently helping out with young people through the schoolboy system in the area, and helping out in most aspects of volunteer work in the community, including working in partnership with the local drug project RDRD in helping people who have fallen into drug and drink miss use. The club itself is viewed by many as a valuable alternative to drink and drugs for the youth of our area.

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Irishtown FC, an over 35s team that plays their home games in Ringsend park, and one of the few teams that services the need to get the ol' lads active and on the pitch, requires the guts of €6,000 to operate every year. would like to raise the cost of their training facilities for the year 2015 to 2016, which is about €1,750.   Every cent helps.

The Sandymount Matero Friendship Programme (SMFP) which was established in 2008 links Sandymount with
Matero which is an impoverished suburb of Lusaka, the Zambian capital.

As a practical expression of this linkage the Programme currently provides funds to feed 250 vulnerable primary
school children, employ three teachers in Matero Community School, purchase educational materials and enable 25 children continue to post primary education.
The Assistance Programme is currently primarily funded by monthly contributions from our loyal supporters in
Sandymount and as a new 2013 initiative we are offering this Sandymount Christmas Gift Catalogue to raise
awareness of the Programme and to riase some additional funds for Matero.
Your purchase of a Virtual Gift from our Catalogue will enable the SMFP to continue its existing Programme and
hopefully provide an extended level of assistance to Matero Community School. As a result of generous
commercial sponsorship of the Gift Catalogue, 100% of all Gift Purchases will go to Matero.
The Gifts in this catalogue are linked directly to items we are funding in our current Assistance Programme, thus
for example you can buy a Virtual Gift of food for the schoolchildren, assist with a teacherʼs salary, buy books or
fund a scholarship. When you purchase a Gift you will receive a Gift Card which describes the gift you have
purchased (but not the price!) and you can then pass this on as your Christmas Present to someone special.
Your purchase of a Sandymount Matero Gift may provide you with a solution to the problem of “what do I buy for
Christmas for someone special or for the person who has everything ? whilst at the same time you are providing
tangible assistance for a very worthy cause.
We appreciate your participation.

Thank You

Sandymount Matero Friendship Committee

Input: 15th May 2015
Status: Under review
Closing Date: 14th May 2016

Project details to be provided.
[Finances required to go towards the costs of the ceremony and prizes]

Input: 15th May 2015
Status: Under review
Closing Date: 14th May 2016

Project details to be provided.
[Annual cost to provide breakfast to local school kids on a daily basis]

St Patricks Rowing Club: (€900)
Input: 15th May 2015
Status: Under review
Closing Date: 14th May 2016

St. Patricks Rowing Club is a voluntary organisation. It is made up with both senior and junior members who work together in order to achieve the best possible environment for the club.
We always try our best to recruit as many children as possible in order to keep them off the streets and out of harms way.

 We currently have 40+ junior members, which are all in the community of Ringsend, where there is a lot of hardship and social exclusion. Parents have financial difficulties and a lot of the time cannot afford to have their children in sports clubs.

 Every year, the safety equipment for our junior members needs to be updated, which is increasing each year. We also need a certificate for the life jackets which also need to be renewed each year.
 As we are a voluntary organisation, there is very little funding available to us for the amount if equipment we need in order to keep our members in a safe environment.

 As there are 10 rowing clubs on the East Coast, each club has a different colour to represent their club. For the past few years, we have been unable to provide matching uniforms for our junior members because if the lack of funds and their parents cannot afford to pay for them either.

 A word from the Local Area Fund:
The local area fund has recently come up with the idea if selling 'spot the balls' cards as a way of raising money, but as that is not enough for what they need, we have proposed the idea of matching whatever funds they raise on the fund raising drive up to the value of €900


Blue Magic have been a friend of the club for many years, and with the postponement of the Irish 7s team going to Valencia, we have agreed to help part fund their trip to win the most prostegious Futcal cup in Europe.

Blue Magic Futsal  Dublin

Input: 15th May 2015
Status: Under review
Closing Date: 14th May 2016

Project details to be provided.
[Renovation of existing Playground and Garden]


Harding IFFC Senior Football Club is a senior men’s club that plays in the UCL (United Churches League) with 2 teams in Division 1 and 3B.   With their home pitch in Ringsend Park, this club offers its members the best experience for an amateur 11 a side player.   Open to any player over the age of 18+, please contact them at .

Requires €4,500 per year for operational needs, playing kit, pitch rental, insurances and equipment.

St Annes FC are a local team in the Clontarf area that has been instrumental in the growth of the leagues in the area.   As with many Dublin team, their numbers are in decline, but with the help of our club, they are looking to grow again.   This season they are struggling to get the cost of the training pitch for the together, so we have included them in our donations page to recieve some funds.
If the need hits you in the right place, why not donate to this great team.


Harding IFFC over 35s is a senior men’s team that plays in the AFL (Amateur Football League), Saturday.   With its home pitch in Irishtown Stadium, and one of the best all weather pitches, this club offers its members the best experience for an amateur 11 a side player.   Open to any player over the age of 34, please contact us at

Requires €2,500 per year for operational needs, playing kit, pitch rental, insurances and equipment.

Input: 15th May 2015
Status: Under review
Closing Date: 14th May 2016

Project details to be provided.
[Major refurbishment of the entire building]

IMG 1453

Liffey Wanderers FC
[Details to be added] has decided to promote the concept of the instalation of many AED units in the Ringsend area so that it is the first area in Ireland that has full access at al time to this life saving equipment.  We propose to introduce advertising units with AEDs integrated into them.   Local companies will be invited to lease these for three years, which will cover teh cost of the unit and the training of 10 people.   As technology improves, we will update these.
We will start with the provision of 2 AEDs in the Dublin 4 area, along with training for 20 people.  This will be followed up by more instaltions in the future.

Input: 15th May 2015
Status: Under review
Closing Date: 14th May 2016

Project details to be provided.
[Funding required towards running a summer camp for inner city children]