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The 'Leagues in a Box' project is initiatve by and Give N Go Ltd to expand out the current Socia Sports league internationally.   In conjunction with UEM Real Madrid, our own leagues and some great partners, we are going to develop an on line system to easily set up and manage sports leagues under our rules, and with aims to issue between 20 and 25 percent to local area projects.   The project will also set up a collection of management manuals and training courses.
The cost of this will be over €50,000 to produce all of this, and it will take 2 years to complete, although the main bulk of the work can be complete within 6 months and for a cost of €25,000, which is the software and on site management system.
The current club has raised nearly €500,000 for charity over 9 years.  Imagine what we can do with 10 of these clubs, or 5 clubs in 10 countries!!!!  Well this is teh chance to do it.

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Socia Soccer (Campaign)

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